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Active Yards

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Client: Active Yards: A division of Barrette Outdoor Living
Project: Marketing Portal and Warehouse Storage system

ActiveYards was struggling to control the print collateral and promotional items being distributed through a co-op channel marketing program. Most of their processes were performed manually and they were in desperate need of a better system to manage and fulfill the needs of their growing dealer network.

We were able to present ActiveYards with a comprehensive solution. Through our marketing portal and inventory management system, we highlighted how our system would work to solve all of their problems, while growing with their company.

Within a very short period of time their new marketing portal was showing positive results. The system provides ActiveYards with replenishment alerts, real time reporting and instant inventory counts, eliminating all of the guess work while providing highly responsive support for all of their demands. Not to mention much less internal stress for the ActiveYards’ team.

Our collaboration with ActiveYards has been solidified through great communication, customer service, careful organization and a deep understanding of the systems their team desperately needed. The success of their marketing portal has lead to additional portals created
for two other divisions within the Barrette Outdoor Living family—Longevity Fence Systems and Alumi-Guard.



“I can’t say enough about RoyerComm as a business partner. Throughout the process they went above and beyond to ensure our level of comfort, trust, and understanding of their system and every team member shows a deep-level of care for our account.“

– ActiveYards


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Client: Pentagram
Project: Construction postcards

53 West 53rd Street is like no other building in New York City. Towering above the skyline a few blocks from Central Park, its silhouette has set the new standard for luxury living in New York City. Designed by famed architect, Jean Nouvel, this prestigious address partnered with the famed design agency Pentagram to brand and promote their incredible luxury apartments.

One way Pentagram has promoted 53W53 was by creating a series of 53 postcards, each distributed via direct mail. The campaign was created to show the different stages of the construction process. They would be mailed out to 3,000+ real estate brokers. Talk about a great way to stay part of the conversation. It allowed the people selling the units to feel like they were part of the entire building process from the ground-up.

The challenge for us was how could we cost effectively offset print 53 postcards with specialty paper and gold foil stamping, and mail each one within 1-2 business days with some type of personalization.

The solution was to print and foil 4-8 lots at a time in advance of the mailing, and store them until each mailing list was ready to be released. Once the final mailing list was received, we could quickly address and apply a live stamp for a personal touch meeting the requested 1-2 day turn-around.



“Reliable, familiar and affordable. That’s how I feel about my working experience over the years with Eric and his team.”

– Pentagram

Wharton Penn China Center

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Client: The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania
Project: Promotional Brochure

Wharton wanted to look into the viability of opening a new school in Beijing called, The Penn Wharton China Center. At the same time they wanted to determine if they could raise the funds necessary ​to launch the endeavor. A visit to China was planned. They then needed to create a marketing piece that would be given out in person at each presentation.

In China it is customary to give a gift at each meeting. It was decided that we would create an extraordinary brochure that both appealed to the local culture from a design standpoint, and would be so well received it could be considered a keepsake. This brochure needed to be in three different languages and delivered in only four weeks.

We utilized cutting edge digital printing, die-cutting, embossing and sculptured foil dies so you could feel the individual scales on the dragon. It was a huge success and was very well received by all who attended those crucial meetings. The school successfully launched and has strengthened Wharton’s connections in the far east.



“When it comes to making something extraordinary, I call RoyerComm. They are terrific problem solvers who can always be counted upon and a true long term partner of Wharton“

– The Wharton School