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Digital Printing

Gone are the days of muddy reproductions and poorly reproduced flat colors. Today’s digital printing technology takes the best features of digital variability and speed, and blends it with the quality color reproduction of offset printing.

Digital printing is your best choice for small volume, quick turn-around projects. It allows for the flexibility to print-on-demand quantities as well as complex data personalization to help target your campaign directly to your recipient.

Digital printing offers a variety of advantages over other digital technology (Dot-Matrix, inkjet and digital signage). It can produce images with complex gradations and fine detail. Digital printing also yields professional-quality photo prints and is ideal for reproduction of art work, digital artwork and designs.

Every digital print is a digital artwork, created using digital technology and output to a digital printer.

Digital printing also offers full-color gamut and unlimited secondary spot colors. Choices of paper weight are nearly unlimited for digital prints – allowing you to get the thickness, texture, and finish you want!

We started working with digital printing in the early 1990s. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge, and would love the opportunity to collaborate with you on your next project.

The question we get asked the most about digital printing is, ‘How close to the quality of Offset Printing can we get?’. The short answer is – very close.

– RoyerComm

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