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Offset Printing

Offset printing is a trade perfected over a lifetime. Some people say it’s in their blood. The best press operators don’t just hit print and walk away, relying on technology alone. They spend hundreds of hours learning their craft and mastering their particular press. They understand how ink will react with paper and how the press can be manipulated to achieve the perfect reproduction. They know their press inside and out, and they understand the capabilities of offset printing better than anyone.

That’s exactly why offset printing is the primary method used to print high volume items like magazines, catalogs, postcards, brochures, direct mail and marketing collateral. It’s also a great way for you to get your publication printed in a cost-effective manner while maintaining high quality and reliability. The ability to produce large volumes without sacrificing quality or consistency appeals to many offset printers, who continually improve their presses in hopes of continually improving their craft.

The offset printing process has been used for generations, and many experts consider it to be the most established form of printing technology available today. It’s no wonder why offset is still a popular choice for those who are serious about producing quality print material at high volume.

For over 50 years we have been perfecting our craft, always striving for that impeccable reproduction. We would love the opportunity to show you what we can do. Give us a call to discuss your next project.

Here are a few key features and benefits to think about when selecting offset printing:

  • Richer more consistent colors
  • More color choices
  • Sharper image quality
  • More paper options
  • Specialty coatings and varnishes
  • More consistent reproductions over larger runs
  • Lower per-unit cost with large quantities

What Is Offset Printing?

Offset printing has been used for generations; this is even considered to be the most established form of printing technology we have today. The process involves using a computer to create images on a metal plate to print the images onto a material. These metal plates transfer ink onto rubber blankets or rollers to roll the ink onto the page.

Offset printing is an excellent way to cost-effectively print a publication without sacrificing quality and reliability. Because of the ability to produce large volumes without compromising quality and consistency, offset printing is very appealing compared to digital printing services.

Here at RoyerComm, our offset printing service offers vital benefits that can significantly impact your project.


Benefits Of Offset Printing

Many businesses prefer to print using offset printing because of its many advantages and outstanding output qualities. Here at RoyerComm, these benefits are magnified by our commitment to striving for impeccable reproduction. Take a look at the key features of offset printing:

Richer And More Consistent Colors

Since offset printing lets the printer operator control the ink flow, you can expect high-quality printed images with vibrant colors every time. This meticulousness also ensures that fewer prints are wasted. In addition, offset printing uses specially mixed inks, allowing for better color accuracy.

More Color Choices

Offset printing uses four different colored inks; there are cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. Each colored ink is applied separately until they combine to achieve a full-color spectrum. Because of this, offset printing can easily accommodate a wide range of colors through custom mixing inks for each job. This method also makes it possible to achieve more distinctive Pantone colors.

Sharper Image Quality

Offset printing uses a flexible rubber printing gear system that can be applied evenly on the printing surface, producing sharper images. This technique also prevents image blurring by printing ink on the platen press before being transmitted through the surface of the printing material.

More Paper Options

Offset printing allows for various paper selection with different weights and finishes, but the availability of options depend on a printing company’s suppliers, presses, and capabilities. At RoyerComm, our offset printing service can accommodate a wide variety of paper options because our operators can calibrate the press depending on the thickness and coating of the paper. You can choose between uncoated and coated (gloss or matte) or select from different weight categories such as text, cover, index, bond, Bristol, etc.

Specialty Coatings and Varnishes

Coatings and varnishes are applied to a printed piece during or after printing. This protects the piece from scuffs and scratches and enhances the look. The options for coating and varnishes include the following:

  • Aqueous Coating
  • UV Coating
  • Strike-Through Varnish
  • Reticulating Varnish
  • Soft-Touch Coating
  • UV Grit Coating

More Consistent Reproductions Over Larger Runs

Offset printing is more capable of consistently producing large volumes of print than other printing methods because there is no contact between the plate and the surface. Hence, the plates tend to last longer. This process also allows special inks to achieve printing run lengths of more than a million impressions.

Lower Per-Unit Costs

Another significant advantage of offset printing is its cost efficiency. This technique is cheaper than rotogravure or photogravure methods; it reproduces images at 15,000 press sheets per hour. Therefore, the more you need to print, the cheaper it costs to produce each piece.


Applications of Offset Printing at RoyerComm

Offset printing is widely used in industries requiring high-quality printing results. It prints large volumes of magazines, books, newspapers, brochures, and more. Aside from paper, offset printing is also used for printing on leather, cloth, vinyl, plastic, wood, and metal. Because of this versatility, many businesses can benefit from offset printing.

At RoyerComm, we work on behalf of our clients to create impactful marketing materials using offset printing and other digital printing services. Some of the applications of offset printing at RoyerComm include the following:

Brochure Design and Printing Services

Brochures are useful in different scenarios, such as companies, schools, hotels, and visitor centers. These work mainly to share detailed information about businesses, products, services, or organizations. This is why you should work with a printing company that you can trust and rely on. RoyerComm is the leader in brochure printing services. Our custom solutions provide various customization options to help you design the brochure that delivers your message the right way.

Pocket Folder Printing Services

Pocket folders are used for presentations, trade shows, promotions, and day-to-day corporate communication. These come in different sizes, substrates, coatings, and designs. RoyerComm provides an excellent pocket folder printing service to help set you apart from your competition. Our advanced printing technology, including our offset printing service, allows us to create high-quality printed pocket folders tailored to your needs.

Catalog Printing Services

Catalog printing is an innovative way to introduce a company and make an impression. As a professional printing service, we offer the best-quality catalog reproduction. Our offset printing is perfect for printing high volumes of catalogs that will grab your audience’s attention with their rich, vibrant, and accurate colors and sharp images.

Booklets/Pamphlets Printing Services

Booklets or pamphlets are handy as a marketing asset. They can create a lasting impression with the right bindings, finishing, and paper choice, and they let people know exactly who you are. Booklets are especially useful for tradeshows and presentations. At RoyerComm, we can help you display your goods and services in vivid and full color using our offset printing service.

Publication Printing Services

Newspapers, magazines, and journals are some examples of publications, and people regularly consume these. However, people generally don’t consume print materials that are not eye-catching. Our offset printing service can help you produce large volumes of prints with consistent, high-quality image colors and sharpness that entices readers and ensures your publication’s success.

Postcard Printing Services

Postcards are often used as mailers, handouts, product box stuffers, or promotional material. They come in various shapes and sizes to display different marketing information. For marketing, a postcard is an effective way to reach a target audience with materials like announcements, coupons, and other promotions because they have a higher chance of being seen by customers.

RoyerComm prints effective and high-quality postcards using offset printing. Our postcard printing capabilities also offer customization options like templates, paper materials, and various dimensional sizes.

Newsletter Printing Services

A newsletter is used to share valuable information with a business network of customers and subscribers. They are a way for companies to share engaging content that promotes sales. RoyerComm can help you mass-produce high-quality printed newsletters that help keep your customers in the loop regarding the latest updates on your business.

Sell Sheets Printing Services

A sell-sheet briefly explains your product or service and how it solves a particular problem. It should be easy to read, straight to the point, and visually appealing. In addition, a sell sheet should contain a direct call to action.

Our offset printing service is perfect for creating visually appealing sell sheets to help customers easily understand your product or business. The low per-unit cost of our service also allows you to produce more copies that you can distribute to interested wholesalers and customers.

Poster Printing Services

A poster is a large printed sheet containing graphic elements and text to promote something; this is posted in a public area where many people can easily see it. To be effective, a poster must have striking visual elements and clear details. With RoyerComm’s printing technology, we can provide custom poster printing services to help you achieve an attention-grabbing poster.

Business Cards/Letterhead Printing Services

Business cards and letterheads are the customer’s first exposure to the overall image of your brand. Because a business card or a letterhead represents you and your company, color and design accuracy are a must to capture and represent your brand perfectly. RoyerComm’s printing services can easily help bring this vision to life. Our offset printing can make you a batch of business cards or letterheads that you can be proud to use.

Envelope Printing Services

An envelope should not be an afterthought; this is also a way to make a first impression on your customers. Envelopes express your business’s personality and help you stand out from the crowd. At RoyerComm, we offer envelope printing services as one of our print solutions for offset printing.

Marketing Material Printing Services

Suitable marketing materials help people see your vision, value proposition, and culture within your company. These can significantly impact your brand’s image, so proper execution is crucial. People must also see that the marketing materials are of high quality, as this helps boost a brand’s image further.

RoyerComm has just the right printing technique to liven up your marketing materials and help you provide a clearer picture of what your company or service is all about. Our offset printing technique offers an outstanding image and color quality that is excellent for making marketing materials.

All Direct Mail Printing Services

Direct mail, such as direct mail postcards are hands-on marketing pieces. These significantly impact customers, so high-quality and vivid colors are required. Our offset printing and other custom digital printing services are well-suited for meeting your direct mail needs because these printing services provide excellent color and faster turn-around times.


Print High-Quality Materials With RoyerComm’s Offset Printing!

Printing is embedded in RoyerComm’s DNA; over the years, we have expanded to include full-color offset printing as part of our services. We have a fantastic team of experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate individuals willing to go above and beyond for our clients. Our offset printing capabilities can bring your printed pieces to life with excellent color richness, accuracy, and sharpness.

Our experts here at RoyerComm have accumulated a lot of knowledge over the years. We are here to answer your questions or help take your project to the next level. Give us a call today and let us know how we can help.

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