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Client: Pentagram
Project: Construction postcards

53 West 53rd Street is like no other building in New York City. Towering above the skyline a few blocks from Central Park, its silhouette has set the new standard for luxury living in New York City. Designed by famed architect, Jean Nouvel, this prestigious address partnered with the famed design agency Pentagram to brand and promote their incredible luxury apartments.

One way Pentagram has promoted 53W53 was by creating a series of 53 postcards, each distributed via direct mail. The campaign was created to show the different stages of the construction process. They would be mailed out to 3,000+ real estate brokers. Talk about a great way to stay part of the conversation. It allowed the people selling the units to feel like they were part of the entire building process from the ground-up.

The challenge for us was how could we cost effectively offset print 53 postcards with specialty paper and gold foil stamping, and mail each one within 1-2 business days with some type of personalization.

The solution was to print and foil 4-8 lots at a time in advance of the mailing, and store them until each mailing list was ready to be released.  Once the final mailing list was received, we could quickly address and apply a live stamp for a personal touch meeting the requested 1-2 day turn-around.  


Reliable, familiar and affordable. That’s how I feel about my working experience over the years with Eric and his team.”

– Pentagram


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