Penn Wharton China Center:
Culturally Significant

Client: The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania
Project: Promotional Brochure

Wharton wanted to look into the viability of opening a new school in Beijing called, The Penn Wharton China Center. At the same time they wanted to determine if they could raise the funds necessary ​to launch the endeavor. A visit to China was planned. They then needed to create a marketing piece that would be given out in person at each presentation.

In China it is customary to give a gift at each meeting. It was decided that we would create an extraordinary brochure that both appealed to the local culture from a design standpoint, and would be so well received it could be considered a keepsake. This brochure needed to be in three different languages and delivered in only four weeks.

We utilized cutting edge digital printing, die-cutting, embossing and sculptured foil dies so you could feel the individual scales on the dragon. It was a huge success and was very well received by all who attended those crucial meetings. The school successfully launched and has strengthened Wharton’s connections in the far east.

When it comes to making something extraordinary, I call RoyerComm. They are terrific problem solvers who can always be counted upon and a true long term partner of Wharton

– The Wharton School


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